1. How to join a cooperation with us?

Give us a call. We will call you back immediately. We will be happy pay you a visit directly in order to find out about your marketing problems as well as the products and services to be marketed.

2. How to estimate the costs?

We consider the following variables in particular in the calculation of a new marketing task: the number of telephone calls, national language, handing over point to your organization and of course the necessary contact data. Additionally, we calculate with you the marketability of and the need to explain your products or services. You're very welcome to talk to us about components of success.

3. What´s necessary for a productive collaboration?

Good successes are ultimately successes that are expressed in your company in concrete transactions. The close dovetailing of the new business contacts with your marketing team is particularly important here. Normally, we plan status telephone calls with you every 4-8 weeks. The exchange of information and experience is in the foreground here.

4. How to measure success?

New leads are the essence of a business success. Of course, we do know how much work is then necessary up to the successful conclusion. For this reason, we measure success in two places: in the generation of leads and in the successful business transaction

How do we work?

We call as your employees and supervise the sales process up to the point of the agreed hand-over. We gather useful information during our telephone calls. We think in a success-oriented manner and measure ourselves in these terms.

Our only connection to a call centre is the use of a telephone for establishing contacts. ZIS-Dialog is a specialist service provider for complex and structured marketing processes, national and international.

We deal intensively with your products and business model; we jointly analyse your marketing process and the incorporation of the ZIS-services in your marketing work. We agree on exact handing over points and, where required, are happy to perform a controlling function. We check the success together with you in regular discussion meetings.